Black Lagoon Abridged


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    Black Lagoon Abridged

    Post by Alex on Fri May 15, 2009 7:18 pm

    Black Lagoon Abridged Opening:

    Hey guys, it's been a while, but our new project is finally underway!

    Black Lagoon: The Abridged Series is now open for casting! All roles for the first four episodes are open, so audition away! You can e-mail us at:

    Or alternatively, just make a video and post it as a video response on YouTube! Or send a PM with an audio link for the forum here!

    Information about NSA's future will be given out at a date in the near future, but for now, we hope that this holds you over. I personally think the opening is pretty kick ass. I made this one on my own this time in Vegas, with a bit of Photoshopping. Tell me what you think about it!


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    Re: Black Lagoon Abridged

    Post by StepmasterSpoony on Mon Jun 15, 2009 11:32 pm

    Man, I can't wait for the pilot episode to come out, it's going to be awesome! This is the first time I've had so many roles in one project, Christ,in one scene, it's literally just me, arguing with myself in different voices! I can't say I didn't enjoy it though, it gave me a great chance to improve my skills and see just how far my vocal range can go. Anyway, I can't wait to get started on ep.2! (Only after Ep.1 is done, of course...)

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